Writing Behind the Wheel

How does a writer write while trying to move self, family, and accumulated junk from Florida to New Mexico? I guess that depends on how a writer is traveling. As for those writers that prefer flying… I haven’t a clue. You flying writers are on your own. For this writer, the preferred traveling method is by land, such as in a car, truck, SUV, or good old-fashioned moving truck.

With heaps of hoarded mementos, you guessed it: moving truck of the Budget type. Not the most comfortable ride for tall people, but definitely the most affordable. My hubby maneuvered the beast without complaint. He’s such a trooper!


Our two-day trip included many new experiences, and as a writer, my imagination was wildly frantic. From Florida we drove through Alabama. Mobile, Alabama’s landscape is stunning with its old mansions and huge, aged oaks overhanging the

streets and lush, greenery everywhere. Anything from Southern vampires stalking escaped lunatics to lost lovers reuniting for a murderous escapade to lazy leprechauns spending stolen money on golden banjos. Some seriously good stuff roaming my thoughts in the state of Alabama, almost anything could happen here!

From there, our road trip took us through Mississippi. I simply LOVE spelling this state out loud! Ha! You’re doing it now, aren’t you? Jackson, Mississippi’s landscape was amazing as well. We drove through it at night, and its city glow was mesmerizing. My mind wandered through the streets dreaming of outer space creatures searching for the perfect human male for cross breading. No, not an erotic horror story. Well, maybe. Just… maybe.

Next state: Louisiana. With its droopy moss and swamps sporting bare-limbed trees, my mind was on complete overload. I’m thinking that ultra smart zombies are going to start here, and it’s going to happen due to the overpopulation of genetically altered mosquitoes… the government’s fault, no doubt. Hmmm…


Texas! Since we made it through the zombie masses, my family and I continued onward towards a brilliant campaign against littering: Don’t Mess with Texas. Not a coke can or cigarette butt or McDonald’s bag on the streets anywhere… until my brain started focusing on the possibilities of punishments that could go along with littering, and I’m not talking about the monetary fine. What if… What if the true punishment was far more lethal? Uh-huh, you get where I’m going with this. From zero litter to fancy steamboats, I absolutely loved Jefferson, Texas! In fact, I’ve got a little story brewing in a town that’s very similar.

Paying close attention to not letting anything fly out the window of the Budget truck – including spittle, just in case – we made it out of Texas and into New Mexico, truly “The Land of Enchantment.” Giddy up, lil’ doggie, it’s The Wild, Wild West! Tumble weeds rolling about, wild bunnies searching for something delicious, roadrunners are real and super fast, and I’m desperately looking for my new love: a sexy, lightweight pair of Cowgirl boots. Yep, my writing is definitely going there, and I’m so loving the West!

I believe true writers are always writing, are always keeping well-defined notes in their heads when no smart phone, no computer, no paper is available. It’s not because they don’t want to take a break, it’s because NOT writing is simply impossible. Anything anywhere can lead to a great story, and true writers just don’t know how to stop.


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