Book Review: The Butcher (Jennifer Hillier, 2014)

Chris Grams, book review, the butcher, jennifer hillier
Lock the doors and get a pot of coffee brewing before running your eyes through Jennifer Hillier’s new thriller, The Butcher. If you’re anything like me, you’re so not going to be able to focus on anything else until you’ve finished it!

Thirty years after catching the serial killer known as The Beacon Hill Butcher, Seattle’s hero and retired police chief, Edward Shank decides to downsize. He signs over his beautiful house to his successful 32-year-old grandson, Matt. While renovating the backyard, an accidently discovered crate – along with its contents – changes everything for Matt. With this terrible discovery, he’s uncertain of the best option: should he follow his mind or his heart?

Matt’s girlfriend, Sam, has issues of her own, which seem to revolve around Matt’s shady secrets. You’ll never guess what happens next… there’s so much hiding just under the surface. The Butcher is truly a spectacular whirlwind of surprises!

I loved getting to know Jennifer Hillier’s characters. It was so easy to understand each one’s way of thinking. They were cleverly developed and strategically placed for maximum utilization. The story moves quickly from one mystery to the next until everything fits together like a juicy puzzle. The Butcher kept me guessing all the way to the end.

As a general rule, I give a book roughly 30 pages to peek my interest. This one had me hooked right away! In fact, I had difficulty putting it down. The Butcher was like another appendage until I finished it. Seriously, if you like great thrillers, The Butcher is a must read!

I will proudly park this novel on the shelf for another go round in the future and respectfully place it next to one of my all time faves, Gardner McKay’s Toyer.

Chris Grams, book review, the butcher, jennifer hillier

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