What if you joined a secret society of women hunting the world’s worst criminals?

Could you push yourself to do the unthinkable?


What if you couldn’t tell anyone about your activities?

Could you hide behind all the lies?


What if your husband suspected you were having an affair?

What if he followed you on your most dangerous assignment, unarmed and unaware?

Could you keep him safe?



Phalanges “Angie” Carter is a member of a women-controlled secret society designed to hunt down notorious criminals. Blessed with long golden locks and a bikini-model body, Angie’s been at the shallow end of The Institute’s missions. She’s fed up with being the pretty faced flirt used to delay bad guys. She’s had enough of being pushed to the side while other agents get the risky, more important assignments.


Finally, Angie’s time of waiting for a challenge has ended. Her new assignment:  Catch & Neutralize a group of killers involved in drugs, torture, and everything in-between. Experts at eluding the authorities, these thugs will stop at nothing to take down the beauty getting in their way – if they can find her.


Who are they? The hard part is figuring out the identity of these villains. Until then, no one is in the clear. No one can be trusted. Angie must dig deep to prove she can Catch & Neutralize these uncatchable criminals before The Institute’s alarm signifies failure…



Or something much worse.

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Reader Reviews

"...dominated by the unexpected."


"...an exciting and unusual read."


"Can't wait for more..."

"A well-written, fast-paced, and captivating novel."

"Was hooked after 1 or 2 pages!"

"...freaky and awesome..."