Don't be afraid

to go DOWN...

Magic - Obsession - Murder

Someone is stalking Heidi Artz. Perhaps it’s a lustful neighbor or that perverted coworker who harasses all females. Maybe it’s simply a lovesick admirer. The faster she runs, the closer he gets. Hopefully, the police haven’t discovered Heidi’s unintentional crime. Hopefully, they’re not following her. She keeps seeing a man in the distance, feels his presence, can smell him lingering. Heidi knows someone’s watching and waiting, a snake eager for the right moment to strike.



Trying to focus on the right side of reason, Heidi finds her life expectations have drastically changed. She vows to become self-sufficient and secure her own future no matter what it takes. She must find strength to escape a psychotic medicine man whose supernatural powers derive from a place far more terrifying than a government protected burial ground. With the body count rising, Heidi will do everything in her power to escape becoming his next victim…


Even if that means becoming a monster herself.

I love a good mystery/thriller story and this grabbed my attention

from the minute I started reading it.


I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery/thriller story.

"Loved it! I couldn't put the book down."


"...a meal of mystery and murder."


"...sprinkled with delicious word choice and presented with a bloody cocktail."


"The twists and turns were unpredictable and full of entertainment."


"...certainly keeps your attention."


"...a serial killer with a shocking fetish that mesmerizes."


"...keeps you on the end of your seat with every chapter."


"I gained insight into a new world with the fragrance of fear,

longing and otherworldly design..."


"I look forward to reading more from her."