Elimination is the easy part…

Tia Carter works for The Institute, a woman-controlled secret society formed to capture criminals eluding justice. Most caught are turned over to the authorities. The worst are marked for elimination.

Tia is the Elimination Team’s newest recruit. At twenty-two, she’s fully trained in the art of catching and eliminating targets. Her job is to remove the vilest criminals from existence, criminals that cannot be rehabilitated or reprogrammed to fit into society.

One such criminal, an evil taker of children, has caught The Institute’s attention.

Controlled by a manipulative beast known as Mama McNabb, a gang of brutal force is under construction. McNabb’s on the hunt, hiding in a small New Mexican town, calculating and scheming.

This is Tia’s first assignment alone in the field. Success depends on training and instinct. She’s intellectually and physically strong enough to capture McNabb, but can Tia keep her personal life intact while saving McNabb’s brainwashed army of innocents?

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